Brand Strategy & Creative Thinking

A well-defined brand strategy combined with creative thinking is a winning formula for success.

At Alan Jackson Design, we specialise in leveraging strategic innovation to drive brand growth and create meaningful connections with your target audience. Our unique blend of brand strategy and creative thinking empowers your brand to stand out, capture attention, and stay ahead of the competition.

By combining brand strategy with creative thinking, we empower your brand to break through the clutter, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and drive sustainable growth.

For 20 years, I’ve worked with clients of all sizes. I’ve named and produced branding for many great clients throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and beyond.


  • Brand Strategy & Creative Thinking
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity & Logo Design
  • Brand Mentoring & Branding Advise
  • Copywriting & Brand Language
  • Creative Direction & Graphic Design
  • Design For Print & Artwork
  • Website & Digital Design
  • Interior Graphics, Wayfinding Signage & Exhibition Design
  • Packaging Design & Artwork


1. Brand Strategy Development

We begin by diving deep into your brand’s DNA, understanding your business objectives, target audience, and competitive landscape. We look at your market, analyze consumer insights, and identify key trends to develop a comprehensive brand strategy. This strategic roadmap guides all aspects of your brand’s development, ensuring that every decision aligns with your long-term goals.

2 Differentiation & Positioning

To thrive in a crowded marketplace, your brand must differentiate itself from competitors. Our brand strategy and creative thinking help identify your unique selling proposition, defining what sets your brand apart. We then strategically position your brand to resonate with your target audience, crafting a compelling narrative that captures attention and creates lasting impressions.

3. Innovation & Creative Ideation

Creative thinking is at the heart of our approach. We foster an environment that encourages innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. We collaborate with you to generate out-of-the-box concepts, exploring unconventional strategies and creative executions. This creative ideation process injects energy into your brand, allowing it to break through the noise and captivate your audience.

4. Brand Experience

The experience your brand provides is a crucial aspect of its success. We focus on designing seamless brand experiences across all touchpoints, ensuring consistency and delighting your customers at every interaction. From user-friendly websites to immersive in-store experiences, we infuse creative thinking into the design process to enhance brand affinity and loyalty.

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